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What is

At its core, FinOps is a cultural practice. It’s the way for teams to manage their cloud costs, where everyone takes ownership of their cloud usage supported by a central best-practices group. Cross-functional teams in Engineering, Finance, Product, etc work together to enable faster product delivery.

Regardless of the name, FinOps is the practice of bringing a financial accountability cultural change to the variable spend model of cloud, enabling distributed engineering and business teams to make trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality in their cloud architecture and investment decisions.

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What We Do

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Cost Optimization Consulting

A consulting service that executes cloud cost saving, garners tangible results, and supports the implementation of cost control policies.

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FinOps Managed Service

Cloud Cost Management Status Monitoring, optimization, regular cloud cost reduction diagnosis, and report

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Cloud Cost Management Training

Cost Management and Training services to enhance understanding on cloud costs and strengthen the capacity to utilize cost-management processes, policies, and solutions.


Benefits of Services

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Reduce Cloud Spend

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Quick Insights

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Immediate Savings

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Streamline Your Operations

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Financial Models & Predictability


North Stars of FinOps

FinOps Principles are north stars that guide the activities of our FinOps practice. They’re developed by FinOps Foundation members, and honed through experience. These were initially proposed as part of the writing the Cloud FinOps book in Sept 2019 as a joint AWS announcement at CloudyCon. Now, they cover multiple clouds, and knowing how cloud services change every quarter it seems, they may change slightly over time as new experience is gained by all.

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Teams need to collaborate

Finance that moves at the speed and granularity of IT, engineering that considers cost as a new efficiency metric, continuous improvement practices for gaining efficiency and innovation, and well-defined governance and controls for cloud usage

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Everyone takes ownership for their Cloud usage

Empowering feature and product teams to manage their own cloud usage and budget, gaining visibility into cloud spend at all levels, and tracking team-level targets to drive accountability.

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A centralized team drives FinOps

Centrally governing and controlling committed use discounts, reserved instances, and volume/custom discounts with cloud providers, centralizing the discount buying process to remove rate negotiations from engineering teams, and providing granular allocation of all costs, direct or shared, to the teams and cost centers responsible for them.

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Reports should be accessible and timely

Fast feedback loops resulting in more efficient behavior, visibility to determine if resources are under- or over-provisioned, and automation of resources driving continuous improvement.

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Decisions are driven by business value of Cloud

Trending and variance analysis to understand why costs increased, internal team benchmarking to drive best practices and celebrate wins, and industry peer-level benchmarking to determine the company's performance.

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Take advantage of the variable cost model of the Cloud.

Rightsizing instances and services to drive appropriate resourcing levels, and comparing pricing between services and resource types to make better decisions.



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