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Application Modernization

Transform Your Applications To And Innovation At Scale

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What Is Application Modernization?

Application modernization involves updating older software to be compatible with new computing techniques, such as newer programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms. It can also be referred to as legacy modernization or the modernization of legacy applications.

It is a process of updating existing systems with the aim of improving efficiency, security, and overall performance. This approach allows organizations to extend the life of their applications while taking advantage of the latest technological advancements, rather than completely replacing them.

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Application Modernization

What We Do

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Modernize for better experiences

Our services cover the entire application lifecycle, from advisory to modernization and migration, on any cloud platform or in hybrid environments.

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Upgrade for lasting benefits

Accelerate development and transformation with a secure, DevSecOps-focused approach to modernizing legacy systems and building new applications.

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Robust Operations With Security

Enhance the security of your applications through robust cybersecurity solutions and active protection measures, ensuring their resilience against cyber threats both in ERP and non-ERP systems.

Application Modernization

Key Technologies For Application Modernization

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Cloud Computing

Application modernization refers to the practice of moving legacy applications to modern Cloud environments for improved efficiency, scalability, 
and security.

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Containers are a cloud-centric approach to packaging, distributing, and managing applications and their corresponding workloads.

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Instead of creating and managing an application as a single unified codebase, referred to as monolithic development, the components are separated into smaller and more manageable units that can be deployed independently.

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Orchestration and Automation

Orchestration in software engineering involves automating various operational tasks associated with containers, such as deployment, scaling, and networking.

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Application Modernization

Why Do Enterprises Need Application Modernization?

Many companies have made substantial investments in their current collection of applications, both financially and operationally. Despite the sometimes negative connotation associated with the term "legacy" in the software industry, these older systems are often among a business's most vital and essential applications

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Application Modernization

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