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Benefits at a glance

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Managed helpdesk services helps lighten technology workloads for businesses, allowing them to be focus towards business growth and development.

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Lower IT Costs

Outsourcing your helpdesk reduces IT costs by eliminating the need to purchase new IT facilities or hire additional staff. Instead, you only pay for what you use.

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Higher Efficiency

IT is usually the core business of managed IT service helpdesks. Managed helpdesk's sole focus on IT management allows them to deliver superior IT services, compared to in-house teams with multiple responsibilities.

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Business continuity

Having an outsourced managed helpdesk ensures continuity of IT services during natural disasters, without the need for temporary business shutdowns.

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Service Desk

End User Services

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Fully Managed Service Desk

We provide complete end-user support with a single point of contact, centralized accountability and tracking, service level agreement and metrics-based reporting. 

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Service Desk Implementation

We provide the site manager and staff–right-sized to meet your needs based upon a thorough needs assessment and implementation road map.

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Continual Service Improvement

Our CSI Assessment evaluates the effectiveness, performance, quality of your service desk and hardware and software support with an in-depth examination across people, technology, processes and customer experience.

Service Desk

Service Desk Framework

Cloudologic's Service Desk team is responsible for ensuring overall client satisfaction and the successful execution of services. During onboarding, Cloudologic ensures our responsibilities are well-defined alongside your team and any other vendors for guaranteed SLAs. Your relationship is led by a dedicated Service Delivery Lead, who will provide delivery and operational oversight and act as the central point of contact.

Step 1 : Assess and Onboard

Cloudologic will conduct initial assessment to gain insight into user & desktop environment, identify roles and responsibilities, determine a transition plan, and define service levels and policies and procedures. During onboarding, Cloudologic will install, implement and test our tools and processes and prepare the communication plan, ensuring a complete, documented transition before going live.

Step 2 : Workstation Data Collection

In order to gain visibility into the health and performance of your workstation environment, Cloudologic will remotely gather data on your workstations and perform an initial scan of your network to collect data on all workstations.

Step 3 : Workstation Patch

Timely patch management is critical to the security and stability of any end-user computing environment. For Windows workstations and Microsoft Office, Cloudologic remotely install updates, security and critical patches after testing on our own workstations. Updates will be applied throughout the month during a defined maintenance period as they are released. Cloudologic will deliver will deliver a monthly patching report.

Step 4 : End-User Support

Our team of dedicated remote Cloudologic Service Desk engineers will be available to provide comprehensive end user support for your users. Functional escalations between Cloudologic and Customer’s IT team are seamless with the goal of expediting ticket resolution and increasing user satisfaction and efficiency.


Service Desk

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