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Modernize Your Applications on Cloud, Drive Growth and Reduce TCO

The modernization of its business applications is an inevitable aspect of doing business. With Cloudologic, you can decide how to migrate your applications and at what rate, taking advantage of the most reliable infrastructure in the industry with the deepest set of services. By implementing Cloud, companies can reduce recovery periods to 6 months and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) up to 68%.

Drive growth, retire legacy investments and improve your financial position

Companies that seek to modernize technology can save money by creating new applications and withdrawing legacy solutions. When you plan your migration to cloud, your organization can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, freeing up resources to focus on the company's central mission and not the administration of servers and buildings. In addition, hyper-scale, breadth of services and the level of automation in cloud can achieve incremental savings and, over time, significant cost optimization. When you implement business solutions in cloud, you can remove costly legacy infrastructure, reduce costs, gain agility through automation and free resources to drive innovation, instead of focusing on undifferentiated work.

Accelerate your migration to the cloud with a trusted provider

Your company's applications are the engines that help manage your business, allowing you to make decisions, obtain information and process valuable data. As part of its digital transformation journey, when it migrates to the cloud, it reaches new levels of operational efficiency, greater scalability and better performance. Migration to the cloud requires a provider with experience in the removal of data centers, the right programs and business technologies ready to move applications to the cloud. Cloudologic offers the Migration and Services Acceleration Program to migrate databases, servers and data, providing you with the right tools to achieve your migration to the cloud.

Maximize the value of your current investments

As your journey to the cloud matures, your organization will want to maximize the value of existing hardware, software and business applications. It is likely that part of your digital strategy requires you to run hybrid environments and maximize the use of your existing solutions created in Microsoft Windows Server, VMWare Cloud, Oracle or IBM. With Cloudologic, you can use innovative technology to run all your existing systems on a platform that allows integration with legacy applications and native cloud solutions. This gives you the ability to run your most valuable business applications in the cloud and allows you to get the best performance from your assets, both legacy and new and everything else.

Lower TCO, Modernize security and unlimited scale

When we consider the modernization of the application (or migration), we identify and recommend the best strategy to support your transfer to the cloud. The existing architecture, system dependencies, size and a number of commercial factors (opportunity, cost factors, etc.) will be factors to define the best approach.

For existing applications, the following options will be considered for their suitability:

  • Rehost: Commonly known as "lift and change", this option allows you to migrate your existing applications to Azure quickly without the risks or costs of making code changes.

  • Refactor: It is a cloud migration strategy that requires only a minimum of new code and configuration changes necessary to take advantage and leverage the cloud.

  • Re Architect: Sometimes called redesign or re-platform, this modernization approach extends the code base of an application to optimize the architecture of the application for the cloud scale.

  • Rebuild or Replace: This approach suggests starting from scratch using native cloud technologies.

Cloudologic develops an application migration strategy to match your business goals.


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