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Desktop As A Service

Workplace Virtualization For Apps And Desktops On Your Preferred Cloud

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Benefits at a glance

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Organizations can quickly deploy apps and desktops as required by the business, without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

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DaaS allows for cost-effectiveness through pay-per-use subscription models and can help lower capital expenses and provide a more predictable operational expense model.

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With DaaS solutions, companies gain additional advantages such as provisioning virtualized apps and desktops from the Cloud without the need for additional IT resources.

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DaaS offers secure user access and simplifies management. Cloud-based access to applications and desktops ensures secure storage and protection against data loss.

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Business continuity

DaaS can be a simple way to support disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Organizations can quickly enable secure remote access to apps and desktops.

Add Strategic Value To Your Company Today

Desktop As A Service

What We Do

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Open technology platform

Our open digital workplace platform integrates with top industry solutions and leverages cognitive analytics and automation to deliver a modern digital workplace with enhanced security features.

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Enhanced digital experiences

Cloudologic evaluates and optimizes the employee digital experience to boost collaboration, productivity, and organizational culture.

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Scale, security and expertise

Efficiently manage a large number of devices and virtual desktops while incorporating robust security and resiliency features in our offerings.

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Desktop As A Service

Application and Desktop 

Our solutions provide a familiar work environment with flexible and secure connectivity, user-friendly interfaces, and easy access to all applications and data from anywhere using any endpoint device with personalized support available whenever needed.

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Desktop As A Service

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