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Cloud Modernisation

Cloudologic leverage cloud native services to reinvent and modernise the way your business applications are hosted and supported to support greater organizational agility and operational efficiency.

Cloudologic's cloud modernization approach supports strategy and planning through development, implementation, migration, application modernization and ongoing support.

                     Cost Optimisation

With the cloud comes the constant launch of new services and platforms used to support your business applications, which requires a constant evolution of its architecture to ensure that its costs are continuously optimized. Our cost optimization squadrons focus on providing rapid business savings, while building internal capabilities to ensure savings are maintained in the future.

                  Application Modernisation

We are at cloudologic modernise your application on cloud. The Migration to the cloud is more than just moving workloads restricted by inherited architectures. Real transformation and agility are achieved by reinventing applications using all available native cloud services. Undergoing at least one modernization cycle for your application, during or after migration, ensures that the inherent advantages of the cloud are maximized.

                   Cloud Enablement

Whether one or a thousand, Cloudologic has the experience and technical ability to support your rapid transition to modern cloud services. We can help your organization develop a cloud strategy, conduct readiness assessments, establish its tenure in the cloud, migrate workload and transform operations using modern DevOps tools and practices.

                     Database Transformation

With a dedicated capacity within our Application Modernization service, we can help companies take advantage of significant cost savings, operational efficiency, agility and resilience now achievable with native cloud databases such as SQL, MySQL , PostgreSQL. compared to the more traditional commercial products. Our unique methodology helps companies navigate this database transformation journey, starting with our rapid validation of business cases, to design, migration and system testing.

     We save costs on cloud by optimizing the following points.

  • Find Unused or Unattached Resources- Firstly cloudologic look for unused or unconnected resources. Often, an administrator or developer can "activate" a temporary server to perform a function, and forget to turn it off when the job is finished. This happens frequently in IT departments throughout the company. The result is that an organization's AWS and Azure invoices will include charges for the resources they once bought, but no longer use. A cost optimization strategy in the cloud must begin by identifying unused and completely unconnected resources and eliminating them.


  • Identify and Consolidate Idle Resources - The next step to optimize cloud computing costs is to address inactive resources. An idle computing instance could have a CPU utilization level of 1-7%. When a company is billed 100% of that computing instance, it is a significant waste. A key cost optimization strategy in the cloud would be to identify such instances and consolidate computer work in fewer instances. In the days of data centers, administrators often wanted to operate with little use to have free space for a peak in traffic or a high season. It is difficult, expensive and inefficient to add new resources in the data center. Instead, the cloud offers automatic scaling, load balancing and on demand capabilities that allow you to scale your computing power at any time.

  • Utilize Heat Maps - Heat maps are important mechanisms for cost optimization in the cloud. A heat map is a visual tool that shows peaks and valleys in computer demand. This information can be valuable in establishing start and end times to reduce costs. For example, heat maps can indicate whether development servers can be safely closed on weekends. While this could be done manually, a better option is to take advantage of automation to schedule instances to start and stop, optimizing costs.

  • Right Size Computing Services - Right Sizing is the process of analyzing computer services and modifying them to the most efficient size. Right Sizing does more than simply reduce cloud costs, it also helps with cloud optimization, which means getting the most out of the resources you are paying.

  • Take Advantage of Spot Instances - Spot instances are available for auction and, if the price is correct, they can be purchased for immediate use. However, opportunities to buy specific instances may disappear quickly. That means they are more suitable for particular computer cases, such as batch jobs and jobs that can be completed quickly. Jobs like this are common in large organizations, so specific instances should be part of all cost optimization strategies in the cloud.


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