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Cloud Design Services

Our cloud experts design, build, implement and manage: efficient, secure and agile infrastructure solutions to meet the requirements of constantly changing business demands. Industry best practices and standards are followed in the design of the solution for migration and managed services.

All company in the US, UK and around the world wants to ensure that their cloud architecture design is cost effective. Cloudologic is an IT outsourcing provider that has dedicated teams with extensive experience in cloud computing design services.

Cloudologic — A trustworthy and leading cloud computing design company

Many IT outsourcing providers promise help with the design and implementation of the cloud architecture, but most of them cannot fully deliver on their promises. Only the experience of providing successful migrations in the cloud can guarantee the completion of the project smoothly and reliably, without force majeure problems. Cloudologic has completed more than 150 DevOps projects, most of which involved cloud infrastructure design and implementation, so we are confident that we can manage your project and deliver the results you expect.

Public cloud design services 

Many new companies believe they can learn everything they need to know about the design of the cloud architecture from the knowledge base and frequently asked questions of the cloud provider. However, to design and run a cost-effective cloud infrastructure, you must know many small details, corners and cracks of Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. Cloudologic provides cloud design services and helps our clients build secure, scalable, fault-tolerant and manageable cloud infrastructures.

Cloud computing design services from Cloudologic

When a company decides to design a cloud infrastructure for its new project, it must be cost-effective, resilient and perform well under heavy workloads. Cloudologic has extensive experience providing cloud computing design services and we can help you build and implement the perfect cloud architecture for your data, applications and workflows based on your project requirements. We can ensure that your cloud architecture design meets and exceeds your expectations..

Cloud services architecture for your business

There are several main requirements that remain mostly unchanged for all cloud infrastructure design projects. Every company wants its software delivery to be predictable at all stages, the environments involved are set up quickly and without errors, data and applications are handled in production safely and without interruptions. These demands are based on a simple commercial logic and practically do not change for all the projects we handle.

Hence, the design and infrastructure of the cloud that we implement has the following qualities.

  • Monolithic applications are divided into microservices, which can then be scaled up and down, updated, restarted and configured independently of each other

  • All components that can be placed in Docker containers are in containers. This ensures that they operate the same in any environment where Docker is installed.

  • Application security is guaranteed by hiding private subnets behind a bastion host

  • Manual workflows are replaced by IC / CD pipelines that guarantee fully automated processes with no room for human error

  • We provide the prerequisites for implementing Big Data analysis, machine learning, serverless computing and other cutting-edge cloud technology


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